The Floribbean Grill is Home to some of Central Florida’s #1 Private Chefs

Our Chefs and culinarians have been making Florida’s most delicious dishes for over 20+ years each. Our experiences range from working for numerous renowned Restaurants, Teaching at a World-Famous Culinary School, Nutritional Director, and years of Catering and Private Chef Experience.

Fusing Great Customer Service & Quality Cuisines to create an experience that would exceed our Clients expectation is always our priority.


In 2010, West Development Group LLC (Food Service Event & Catering Company) was established by a group of likeminded and "seasoned" Chef's. From the start, our team would begin catering services for private and corporate events, as well as, providing intimate private chef experiences.

In 2017, The Floribbean Grill was established as a Concept/Fusion catering company designed specifically for Festivals and Food Truck Events. We would display authentic Florida flavors combined with traditional Southern Cuisine Styles. As we grew, we quickly realized that The Floribbean Grill was more than its original concept. It was a movement. Our customer response and overall Support in Orlando, Florida was astounding. So the evolution into combing both concepts and adding meal preparation was natural.

So, it is with great gratitude that we (a diverse group of chefs) bring these years of Personal Chef, Catering, Nutrition Education, Teaching, and Meal Planning experience to all of Central Florida in a mission for you all to experience our unique flavor adventures.

So we welcome you to


Personal Chef | Meal Planning  | Event Catering    Experience!

Floribbean Fusion & Taste